New Year, New Schedule! Monthly at UCB Sunset


Psyched to announce that we’re officially monthly at UCB Sunset. That means a new show the 3rd Saturday of every month, 10:30pm! New schedule launches 1/20/18 with tales on the theme ONWARD. 

Why SATURDAY for a show called SUNDAY NIGHT SEX TALKS? Valid question.

Straight answer: Saturday nights at UCB (and really anywhere) are a much hotter ticket. We’re keeping the Sunday Night Sex Talks name because it’s our heritage. The origin of the show is a series of random sex chat sessions on Sunday nights in creator Jessie Rosen’s Boston College dorm. In 2011, those became a no-boys-allowed storytelling show on Sunday night’s at Bar Lubitsch in LA. Today we’re co-ed and at UCB Sunset, but the Sunday of it all is still where it all began.

We’ll be bringing back Sunday editions, female-only experiences and some traveling shows that could take place any day of the week.

But for now, all you have to remember is SUNDAY NIGHT SEX TALKS…ON SATURDAYS at UCB SUNSET. Or, better yet, follow @sundaynightsextalks on Instagram and we’ll remind you.