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SUNDAY NIGHT SEX TALKS are true stories about sex, love and intimacy told before a live audience. We welcome all levels of experience. To submit please send your story to All stories are kept confidential.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Stories must be 10 minutes in length or under when performed
  • We love stories that reveal more than just your favorite sex position. Tell us what you’ve been through, what you’ve learned and what you still can’t figure out.
  • Yes, these are “sex” talks, but they don’t have to include actual intercourse. We’ve featured stories about super intense kisses and very wise virgins, too.
  • If you have, feel free to submit links to yourself performing or to your other written work. That helps us get to know you so we can fit you into the right show.


  • Saturday, January 20th – ONWARD stories about moving forward (or at least trying), in one way or another
  • Saturday, February 17th – ROMANCE stories about wanting/getting/losing/hating/understanding/totally changing your take on romance.
  • Saturday, March 17th – RISKY stories about sexy risks you’ve taken, risky situations you’ve experienced, or future risks on your list
  • Saturday, April 21st – SOLO stories about triumphant solo acts, tough moment of aloneness, and obviously masturbation
  • Saturday, May 19th – theme to come
  • Saturday, June 16th – theme to come

Past Story Examples (to give you a little guidance):

  • I sent ONE dick pic and the FBI called…
  • I thought I was a lesbian until the day I realized I’m not
  • How and why I tried to re-virginize myself
  • It was my life’s goal to join the mile high club, now it’s my greatest regret
  • My mom finally gave me a sex talk, when I was 30